Goshuin and Goshuin goods
Goshuin is a seal of a pilgrimage shrine/ or temple.
At an each office of shrine/or temple, a stamp for a pilgrimage seal is available, including hand writing in calligraphy at a cost of 500 yen.(excepting the Enoshima Shrine).
The Enoshima Shrine, being unable to provide hand writing calligraphy, they preparea unique stamp instead, at a cost of 300 yen.
To keep records of Eight Kamakura-Enoshima Pilgrimage, it is prepared a square paper-board, an illustrated paper-board, and a stamp book: Goshuin-cho as well.
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To Get Goshuin.
1) First, say prayer to the enshrined deity of good luck.
2) Get a square cardboard or a stamp book for Goshuin at a shrine office/ or a temple office.
3) Ask a monk for Goshuin (scarlet seal) stamping and letters of blessing in calligraphy.
4) On completion of visiting the Eight spots, a pilgrim may obtain the specific seal of blessing which suggests wishes come true.
Goshuin goods list
All these Goshuin goods are available at an office of shrine/or temple.

Illustrated square paper-board, for calligraphy writing and seal-stamping


Specially prepared square paper-board for the pilgrimage seal-stamping


Seal Stamp-Book (Goshuin-cho) of eight Kamakura-Enoshima Pilgrimage


Seal Stamp-Book (Goshuin-cho) Folding screen Type


※It comes out on the January 2022.Sold at Jochiji,Hase-dera,Goryo Jinjya